7-Leaders Corp. specializes in production and marketing of Tungsten Carbide Cutting Tools such as End Mills, Drills and Reamers...etc. Since its establishment in 1990 by Mr. Jack Lee, the company provides high quality products and services along with the trade mark "  " all over the world.
7-Leaders manufactures solid carbide tooling for Mold & Die, Automotive, Aerospace, 3C, Machine Tools industry, Watches, Optical, and Medical sectors. Our products have been distributed in the Europe, Asia, Central America, Brazil, and many other nations.
We’re going to integrate all kinds of cutting tools services, providing the best quality products to our customers. Our goal to become a top quality manufacturer and brand in the field of professional cutting tools.


Researching and Developing Technologically Advanced Tungsten Carbide Cutting Tools.


Advanced Testing Equipment

Simulate Optimal Cutting Conditions


Sourcing the Best Tungsten Carbide Tool Materials

Our team at the R&D Technology Center is responsible for the development of new products and optimizing the performance of existing products. By researching and studying the latest tungsten carbide materials using the most advanced testing equipment, we have been able to select the most suitable carbide tool materials from all over the world. From our cutting test results and by applying the latest coating technologies we have been able to create optimal cutting conditions to improve cutting performance.

This is why 7 Leaders always maintains a high CP value, regardless whether we produce small batches or mass production runs, our expert design and development means all our products have very high precision and durability.

Provide Customers with the Highest Quality Products

In accordance with the latest ISO9001 international standards, 7 Leaders implements an outstanding quality control management system. The cutting tools we develop are all very high-quality, high precision and have a long tool life with excellent cutting performance. Using 0.001mm precision measuring nano technology and with a German WALTER “Helicheck” measuring tool system, we have the ability to check the comprehensive geometry for cutting tools with a diameter as small as 0.1mm.

From raw materials, to semi-finished products and final goods, we closely inspect the production process so that 7 Leaders can always provide our customers with the best quality products.

Company History


1990 Established company on 1st May. Started operations as an agent for Extramet (ETM) – a Swiss manufacturer of solid carbide materials, with monthly turnover of NT$ 1million.
1996 Agent for Rose Plastic Packaging Systems. Started marketing and sales for “ETM” solid carbide cutting tools as well as OEM for well established famous brands from Switzerland, the UK and USA, according to Asian market standards. Monthly turnover increased to NT$ 5million.
1998 Officially entered the Chinese market, and began to sell cutting tools.
2000 Target markets expanded to Asia, Europe, Central America, Brazil and other countries, with monthly turnover exceeding NT $ 10 million.
2001 Changed company name to “7 Leaders Corp.” in order to increase global sales and marketing.
2002 Chinese company name registered as 7-Leaders Corp. and started to be dedicated to developing various types of precision cutting tools.
2003 Officially established our factory and purchased a WALTER 5-axis CNC tool grinding machine for tool production.
2004 Established an ETM branch office in Bangkok Thailand, for servicing the local Thailand automotive parts market.
2005 Purchased WALTER 5-axis CNC tool grinding machine and in December purchased a new factory for setting up mass production facilities to begin 24-hour unmanned production in the next year.
2006 7Leaders trademark application approved, and started officially using this brand to sell worldwide. Also established the Singapore office in order to service Southeast Asian and Indian markets.
2008 Purchased an additional 10 “WALTER” CNC 5-axis tool grinding machines, making a total of 35 machines to produce our full range of end mills, drills and reamers.
2009 In July we established EIP online shopping (information queries and online shopping platform), an ERP system and implemented a Microsoft customer relationship management (CRM) system. Also we installed a new CNC machining center for our test cut center to continue improving and upgrading our products’ technology.
2010 In May we achieved ISO9001 certification and reached a monthly turnover of NT$ 30million.
2014 Set up a new cutting-edge nanotechnology coating facility. Our facilities now include pre-cylindrical grinders, CNC 5-axis tool grinders, CNC tool measuring machines, nano coating machines, and more. We provide one-stop solution services, fulfill individual industry cutting tool requirements and have a monthly production capacity of more than 100,000 pieces.
2015 We are currently developing new products for the machining of graphite and composite materials such as PCD and CBN cutting tools, among others.
2016 Plan to integrate a wide range of Tungsten Carbide cutting tool series into future sales.