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24 Hours a Day
To enhance the quality of our cutting tools, we not only set up an SOP for our one-stop production process which is starting from the tools grinding, honing and polishing until the surface coating. We also build 24-hour production lines with the latest facilities all come from Germany and Switzerland.
Technical Center and Customized Service
With our strong R&D team, new development and continuous improvement are never stopped. We devote to research the manufacturing technology in Solid Carbide cutting tools industry.
Tungsten Carbide Rods
7-Leaders cooperates with a Swiss tungsten carbide rod manufacturer, producing high quality tungsten carbide rods in ETM brand.
Tools Manufacturing
7-Leaders has Walter and Rollomatic CNC grinding machines and manufactures end mills, drills and reamers.
Coating Service
Our Nano thin film coating center uses cathodic arc evaporation splitting coating machines from Switzerland. 7-Leaders is the first company applying “splitting arc”technology in Taiwan. We provide variable coating service.
7-Leaders manufactures cutting tools through strict cutting test and fulfill customers’requirements on application.