Ball Nose End Mills

Superior Ball R Precision Within 5 μm

Excellent Heat & Wear Resistance

Tool B272ATX Ø6 3D Surface Finishing
Work Piece SKD11 (about 62HRC)
Milling Method Profile Copying
RPM 9000 rev/min
Cutting Speed 170 m/min
Feed 2500 mm/min
feed 0.138 mm/tooth
Milling Depth Ap : 0.05 mm Ae : 0.1 mm
Coolant air cooling

Wear Resistance

Stable Machining For Long Time

Surface Smoothness

Finishing Surface Smoothness

Under the same test condition, the tool life of B272ATX is nearly 50% longer than competitor brand and remain keeps excellent wear resistance in HSC performance. 

Meanwhile, the cost of tools for machining high hardness materials are efficiently lower.