B272ATX Ball Nose End Mills

July 22,2022

Superior Ball R Precision Within 5 μm

Excellent Heat & Wear Resistance

Tool B272ATX Ø6
Work Piece SKD11 (about 62HRC)
Milling Method Profile Copying
RPM 9000 rev/min
Cutting Speed 170 m/min
Feed 2500 mm/min
Feed 0.138 mm/tooth
Milling Depth Ap : 0.05 mm Ae : 0.1 mm
Coolant air cooling

3D Surface Finishing

3D Surface Finishing

Wear Resistance

Stable Machining For Long Time


Surface Smoothness

Finishing Surface Smoothness

Under the same test condition, the tool life of B272ATX is nearly 50% longer than competitor brand and remain keeps excellent wear resistance in HSC performance.


Meanwhile, the cost of tools for machining high hardness materials are efficiently lower.