Multipurpose End Mills

Unequal Flutes, Variable Helix Geometry

Outstanding Anti-Vibration Under High Speed Machining


Efficient chipping removal

Tool B140ATX Ø12 Cutting Chips 2XD Slotting
Work Piece S50 (about 20HRC)
Milling Method Slotting    
RPM 3180 rev/min
Cutting Speed 120 m/min
Feed 900 mm/min
feed 0.07 mm/tooth Unequal flutes and variable helix can greatly suppress vibration.
Additionally, special design of chip slot perfectly increases the capacity for chip removal and achieve stable slotting machining.
Milling Depth Ap : 20 mm Ae : 12 mm
Coolant air cooling

Wear Resistance

Stable Machining For Long Time

Tool B140ATX Ø10
Work Piece S50 (about 20HRC)
Milling Method Side Milling
RPM 3650 rev/min
Cutting Speed 114 m/min
Feed 770 mm/min

With the same test condition, the abrasion rate of E140HX from 7Leaders is 30% lower than the competitor brand. 

By comparing the pictures of the cutting edge, E140HX reliably shows excellent wear resistance.

feed 0.052 mm/tooth
Milling Depth Ap : 20 mm Ae : 1 mm
Coolant air cooling